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Lawn & Sod Maintenance Dublin, GA

The sprinkler is a must-have feature for Lawn care in Dublin, ga. The weather is not always going to be what you want it to be. Even if you don’t have long summers, an efficiently working irrigation system can play a crucial role in maintaining the greenery in your lawn. Else, there is always the chance that the grass can go dormant or the worse can happen. Green Horizons Landscaping provides total lawn care services including sprinkler repair and installation to ensure that your outdoors always remain lush and green.

Your Lawn & Dublin’s Climate

Dublin has a humid and subtropical climate like most of the state. This means that you cannot afford to take your lawn care lightly. It is not only important to ensure proper Sprinkler installation in Dublin, ga, the irrigation system will also have to be taken proper care of. Most summer days can see temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. Even a couple days without water can cause damage to your lawn. A properly working sprinkler system can sustain your lawn without consuming much water.

What does a Lawn Care Specialist do?

Lawn care specialists meet with clients to discuss their yard maintenance needs. We mow grass, trim hedges, bushes, maintain gardens and flowerbeds, and fertilize when needed. We might even give the homeowner tips for maintaining their yard. We also perform routine check-ups when required. A lawn care specialist might work on someone’s residential property or maintain the grounds for communities. Their job is to make gardens, yards, and parks pleasing to the eye.

Lawn care specialists handle a variety of chemicals to help stop weeds and allow lawns to flourish. We mix or apply pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or insecticides through dusts, vapours, sprays, or soil incorporation. They can also do this for shrubs, trees, or botanical crops.

This type of work tends to be seasonal - there is usually more work in the spring and summer months. Our Lawn care specialists documents all their procedures so that they can check on the progress later.

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