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Trimming vs. Pruning

Tree pruning is performed in order to protect the tree or shrub while trimming is performed to ensure perfect growth of the shrub or hedge. Tree trimming service on the other hand is done to remove overgrown bushes which prevents the shrub from receiving enough moisture and light. Tree pruning service involves removal or dead or loose or infected branches so that the shrub can flourish properly. It is also done to give a particular shape to the shrub for aesthetic purposes.

The Equipment Used

Tree pruning tool involves shear which are available in two types, hand shears and lopping shears. Hand shears can be held using one hand and is typically used to remove buds and leaves. Lopping shears have a foot long handle that’s used to cut thick branches. In case the branches are very thick, instead of shears landscaping services use saws to prune the tree.

Shears, which is ideally a tree pruning tool,  can be used as tree trimming tool. But, in order to trim branches of a hedge, shears are not used. A hedge trimmer, either electric or gas powered is the ideal tree trimming tool.

Timing & Frequency

In normal cases, tree trimming service is performed twice in a year while pruning is done annually. But, the frequency of these tree services ideally depends on the plant species in question. If it is a flowering tree, tree pruning service should be done by late June immediately after the blooming cycle.

In case of a summer flowering tree, spring and winter are ideal seasons to prune the tree. If you are planning to trim the hinges on  a shrub or the hedge for aesthetics then the ideal season would be the flowering season. In order to benefit the health of the shrub, tree trimming should be done before it reaches growth level of 1 foot.



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